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Design hallway to look so amazing for the first sight

Hello my dear friends, today I want to share with you great tips and tricks for the hallway. Before I write today’s topic, I want to congratulate Women’s Day to every woman on my website. So, for today you can read this topic. Design the hallway to look so amazing for the first sight. Let’s start with this great theme, just for your new hallway.

What do you need to know about hallway design?

Design hallway to look so amazing

Hallways should be painted so that they always look airy and clean. When it comes to color, always choose lighter shades and colors that will definitely “revive” your hallway in combination with details.

There are a few steps so let’s start right away:

  1. Remove everything from your hallway
  2. Buy paint for wall painting: one bucket of white paint and one bucket of paint that is greasy 
  3. Apply white paint to the side walls as well as the ceiling to the corridor or aisle wall 
  4. After the first coat of paint has dried, go over with this oily color and add 3 drops of pink and gray to it 
  5. The color of peach or pink will refresh your walls and make the space inspiring. 
  6. Now that we’ve managed to refresh the small space with another color, it’s time for the other details.
Design hallway to look so amazing

Why is it important to arrange the hallway to make it look fantastic ?! Because it is very important to get the first and real impression of your home. You know what they say, the first impression is the most important, if it goes great. Every next one is the most beautiful. Because when the hallway is arranged, then by default it is known that the rest of the house is like paradise.

You can find most of the wonderful decorative things in KARE shops. The most ideal for the hallway, of course, are these colored chairs/armchairs. A natural mirror is one of the obligatory details in the hallway. That is why my recommendations are a large mirror with some special decoration.

I love this mirror decoration, for the hallway it’s ideal.

Imagine, now this decoration in the hallway is so fantastic. Especially if your wall is colored with some special details. This will best emphasize the spaciousness, and add wonderful lighting to it. Which will make it even more “glamorous“.

Design hallway to look so amazing

Great tips on what you can do for your hallway!

What you can do for your little hallway is some of the following tips.

  • Definitely, if it’s a small/narrow hallway, but it’s long my advice would be to freshen it up. Paint it in a pastel light pink color, give it happiness. Because the hallway is also a place that expects to have some color.
  • If again you are not a fan of paint on the wall, refresh in white, and paste decorative wallpaper.
  • What you should definitely add to the hallway is one palm tree or orchids on the shoe next to or under the mirror.
  • Put one beautiful rug on the floor in the hallway, I’m sure with the help of these little details, your hallway will cheer you up.
Design hallway to look so amazing

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