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Design bathroom to look more expensive on the budget

Good morning my dear friends, how are you?! I am fine very well, today I decided to write about how to get design bathroom to look more expensive on the budget. I know this is so great title if you don’t have for example more to doing your best renovation. But, welcome to aboard. I am here to help you with how you can do it with some saves 😀 So, why wait let’s go!

What do you need to know?

When you for the first time renovate your bathroom what do you need to know? On my site you have a few tips and tricks for you, so I’ll share with you all the paid tips for free. I know some of you ask me why I am doing this for free. I don’t know because some of you don’t have enough money to do all this renovation for a bath, living room and etc.

Tip number 1: If you have a small bathroom you need to know which tiles are best for your bathroom. You can buy some tiles but you don’t have that feel for visual space. It looks the same. 

This is example how you can get visual more space in bathroom just with lighter tiles.

T2: Combine always three dominant colors. Like this one: White, blue and gold.

Trick: It’s very interesting if you have a small bathroom and you still don’t know what you need to do. You must know in every room inside your house you need to have three colors who dominate.

And this is so important. Why, because with one color it looks so simple and not so good. With two colors this is not what you need. But with three colors you can change too much inside your rooms.

If you see in this picture just two colors you need glasses. Why, because here you can see three colors. This is the Golden rule of all interior designers. The best rule which I repeat all the time 60-30-10. This is what you need all to know. Look, now how you can learn if you here for the first time.

60% is one color in this way this is neutral white tiles color. 30% here is another beige/wood color and just 10% is only going on the details. Here you can see gold color on the shower tube and some other.

T3: If you love bathtubs also you can find in size what you need, and you can buy ceramic or plastic bathtubs. But, also if you don’t like bathtub you can choose to create in size what you need a walk-in shower with tiles. It’s very easy and very nice if you wont to spend your budget. And in another country, they called the Turkish bathroom.

Design bathroom to look more expensive
Design bathroom to look more expensive


  1. Taupe
  2. Soft Gray
  3. Bright White
  4. Charcoal
  5. Light Blue
  6. Light Green
  7. Creamy White
  8. Pistachio
  9. Cerulean Blue

Selecting the perfect bathroom paint color ideas can be tricky.  Like any neutral, it can wash out a room, but get it right in your bathroom design and you’ll see why grey is the color trend of the decade.  Click here for more.

For now, this is it 🙂 Please subscribe to my site to get more interesting information about the best tips and tricks that I choose for any budget. And don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram accounts: @inwithleo & @mr.leohodzic

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