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Design a rowhouse to look amazing just for your family

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to share interesting about Rowhouse! What is exactly this and what do you need to know about this design and how to design your interior. So, I decided to write about how to design a rowhouse to look amazing just for your family. This is very popular near North America, UK, and Australia. I want to share this incredible idea about these houses.

How to design a rowhouse for amazing look

These are houses that are set up or built next to each other. Although, at first glance you do not see the difference, such houses are very popular because they have a narrow entrance, and are usually on one to two floors. The ground floor of this house has a living room, dining room, hallway with stairs and access to the garden behind the house. Upstairs there are rooms and bathrooms in some homes, it is possible that there are living rooms upstairs.

Let’s talk something about the history of these interesting houses. Rowhouses first appeared in the Netherlands and Belgium in the 16th century. In the 17th century. With stone rowhouses, storefronts on the ground floor, and living spaces above.

This is how look like a floorpan for this rowhouses!

As you can see, that the architect of such houses adheres to Feng Shui rules. If you remember, I wrote that if you have a house on one or more floors, the bathroom and toilet must be one above the other. Then your energy becomes positive!

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Otherwise, it is often possible to see that above the front door on the first floor above is immediately a toilet. This type of arrangement is not in order and should be removed.

Key Characteristics for this sweet house

  • Share a roofline;
  • Often share one or both sidewalls with neighboring buildings;
  • Precisely for this reason because the inflow of natural light is very small.

This kind of construction of houses or homes reminds me of an article I wrote about the railroad style. Exactly, the same floor plan is in these houses, the only difference is that this is on several floors.

This is a that style how look like in one condo, that’s it!

In most cases, around the world, these houses are rented and are very affordable for students and young couples. Also, what is interesting inside this house can live two families. Now, such homes are decorated in styles such as industrial style, English, modern as well as contemporary style.

Since I wrote that these are one-sided houses. Often, the inflow of natural light is very weak. In homes like this, we most often use the Scandinavian style because of its distinctive colors. Because, in these two styles, white as the base color dominates.
In addition to the white base color, there are very often pastel colors.
Design a rowhouse

Expansion with lighting

Most of all, for homes like this, I recommend lighter furniture. And great lighting with LED bulbs. Because, when natural light cannot reach, then it is artificial to make up for it. Certainly the recommendation would be reflective backgrounds, but also details that can compensate for this. Well, you will see it so often in the mirror rooms precisely because of that.

If right now you live in this type of home, and you are not sure how to arrange it, contact me by email at My recommendation as an interior decorator, that in rooms like this, be brighter colors.

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