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Design a bedroom in classic industrial style, very easy

Hello, my dear friends! Today I want to present my bedroom, my dream bedroom. Yeah, it’s the combination of industrial and classic style, with very specific ideas. So, my title is how to design a bedroom in a classic industrial style. As I wrote, this is the square footage of my bedroom, and I gave myself a little “freedom” to do one interesting rendering just to that style. I called this style of decoration a classic industrial style. Because it contains all the elements of these two magnificent styles. It’s not a glamorous room, it’s a simple budget room. It can be done at a very affordable price!

How I design my own bedroom in classic-industrial style?

Design a bedroom in classic industrial
How to design a bedroom

From the very front door, you will be greeted by a very striking name on the wall: Live, laugh, and love! Because, really, after a hard day, we need a quote like this that will improve our mood. The colors are simple and very light. Easy in the sense that it will not create adrenaline for you, but will relax you every time you enter here. And since I’m a little stubborn by nature and I often get annoyed. I think this style will change my mood.

This is my lovely room

Which colors did I use here, in the bedroom?

As noticeable the colors are:

  • pastel pink- on curtains and on the wall;
  • olive-gray color on the bedding combined with off-white color;
  • Cappuccino colored wardrobe;
  • the painting and carpet are there to break that classic industrial style;
  • Pastel green color on the wall behind bed;
  • Night tables-wood and metal;
  • One green flower for a better vibe inside the room.
Design a bedroom in classic industrial

From the front door, I set up a chair, which will later become a chair on which you will place some of your small decorations. Perfumes, pictures with fond memories, mobile phone chargers, etc. You will often have the opportunity to transfer a T-shirt, a shirt …

I put a closet here, which is three-winged and you can even put bedding in it. Because most of us keep bedding in the closet, right! I know that my bedding is usually in the closet or under the bed, so when you enter the room, everyone thinks it’s like a guest. In addition to all of the above, it is important that you have natural light in the room. Because then the room becomes even more spacious than it looks.

Design a bedroom in classic industrial
This is what my room looks like, that is what it will look like. This is a view with an ultra-wide camera, which covers every part of the room. Here, on the left side, there is a closet that almost didn’t fit in the frame: P

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