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Design a bathroom in two styles for this year!

Good morning, my dear friends. How are you today? I feel great, so because I’m very positive this morning I’ll write about how to design a bathroom in two very popular styles. Sounds great! So, don’t waste your time let’s start.

How design bathroom in a modern and minimalistic style?

To explain today’s article in detail, you need to take a piece of paper and a pen and write down the tips, because I will do my best to explain every detail in detail, as usual.

Tip 1: Today’s theme includes two styles that are represented around the world from living rooms to bathrooms. But there are interesting tricks that are different from other rooms.

Earlier in one of the previous articles, I explained what the difference is in the existing styles, and which styles you can combine with others, and which you can’t actually combine.

Design a bathroom in two styles
Pictures from interiors_dd

T2: How to recognize a minimalist style in the bathroom here are a few elements that are recognizable:

  • The simple texture on the tiles;
  • The bright colors of the wall tiles are almost “invisible”
  • They have a relaxing effect on you;
  • They simply match the other details and colors inside the bathroom.

*Also if you don’t have any idea how to design your bathroom I recommend to you to click here.

Design a bathroom in two styles

T3: How to recognize a modern style:

  • The modern style shares all the features with the minimalist style I listed. However, the modern style is a style in which there are details of the latest trends that leave you breathless.

In a modern style you are allowed as far as the bathroom is concerned to lay floor tiles in interesting designs.

If you also looking for paint for your bathroom feel free and click here. I explain to you the best tricks for your small bathroom.

How to design very small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom you need to know which tiles are best for your bathroom. You can buy some tiles but you don’t have that feel for visual space. It looks the same. Here is a few pictures to explain what you need and how to look when you design your small bathroom. Just like I said up here…

Click on


You have small bathrooms, but if you still bring a washer and laundry machine, and another shelf, then you have made a pantry out of that bathroom. 

And you probably don’t want that. Of course this is a tip for anyone who has small bathrooms and does not have a separate laundry room.

The next step is that once you have selected the color for the bathroom, then we have selected the tile, sink with drawers. 

Design a bathroom in two styles
Design a bathroom in two styles

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