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Create Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom with your budget

Good morning my dear friends, I’m back and I want to write about: create good Feng Shui in your bathroom with your budget. I know some of you doesn’t have enough money to renovate their bathroom. But, I’ here to help you with that. If you have some questions about any room design please let me help you for free of course.

Feng Shui bathroom ideas for your low budget!

Before you can get started we need to first look at what’s called the Bagua map. his map represents what are called eight trigrams, or eight areas of life: love, wealth, career, wisdom, reputation, children, helpful people, and family.

Create Good Feng Shui
Picture from Gates interior design

You can make a Bagua map by first sketching your house’s shape and then applying the Bagua map over it. Your goal for the map is to have a rectangular or square sketch.

After this, split the house plan by thirds vertically and horizontally to get roughly nine equal squares. This will give a tic-tac-toe look. When done, you can mark the building blocks of life accordingly as I’ve done above.

Rarely are homes alike, but the Bagua placement is always the same. Wealth will always be in the back left corner, and helpful people will always be in the front right corner. In other words, this map is always placed with wisdom, career, or helpful people landing at your front door.

Create Good Feng Shui

Before I continue with this amazing and very important article, I want to tell you this. I also wrote last month about Feng Shui in the bedroom so for that click here.

Note that houses with several floors will have it’s own Bagua map on each floor, so that means every space and floor counts!

I want to write for you 6 Feng Shui rules for your Bathroom:

  • Eliminate clutter;
  • Re-position the furniture;
  • Hang a mirror;
  • Don’t align the bathroom door with the front door;
  • Color matters;
  • Display plants and flowers;

I didn’t know I m already wrote about Feng Shui bedroom ideas about how you can in with color you can paint your bathroom and other things. So, I’ll put down here some sentences from my other article.

Create Good Feng Shui

If you want your bathroom to be in a Feng Shui layout better so I write, install on your mobile compass calculate a little more insert color. Colors really help a lot and are great medicine for the soul.

Let there be more than 3 colors in your space. Don’t let there be only one or two colors in your home. Such a slop of two colors only disturbs your intuition, you do not have the freedom to express yourself.

Your task is to write to me in the comment below this article which color you like, and I would like to write you something more about why that color is related to you! And be sure to recommend your friends to share my post and comment below.

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