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Choose the best coffee table for your room

Good morning my dear friends! Today I want to share a few tips on how to choose the best coffee table for your home. Ever wonder how to choose a great table for your home ?! Yes, that is your answer! I know as well as I do, whenever I see in the salon some amazing coffee table that I want to buy. But you don’t know how to choose? Of course, there are little tips on how to choose the right table for your living room or space. Let’s start with these tips, prepare a blank paper and pen, let’s get started!

How to choose the right coffee table for your space?

#1 Determine the dimension- Choosing the right dimensions for your living room can sometimes create a problem around choosing a table. Some classic dimensions are 90×50 cm because it is universal today for round tables, for example. In addition, sometimes the size of the table itself is not right because there should be space up to some 40 to 45 cm for the legs around the table. You will see what I am telling you.

I want this KARE table inside my living room. And this coffee table will fit very well in my room. You should visit @kare_sarajevo and buy this table.

#2 How to fit the table with other furniture– The oval, round and rectangular shape of the table is ideal if you have a corner set. Of course, I will show you a picture of approximately what type of furniture you can combine with the shape of the table. Of course, again when it comes to color and selection, colors like some of the following fit the most. These are definitely: beige color, white, marble / gray, gold details on the table. Glass tables combined with metal.

Choose the best coffee table
Here is the best examples which table is perfect for your living room.

#3 FunctionalityWill the table be more decorative, or provide storage? How much storage will be enough? Tables can come with shelves, or drawers to hold everything from kids’ toys to that stash of magazines you will someday read. If décor is more the purpose, you can focus on one with lines and texture in a material you love.

Up here in the picture you have a great view if you have a smaller living area. So a table like this is more than functional, in fact a table like this would be great in my apartment as well.

#4 Find great materialMaterials such as glass combined with either brass or steel offer a more sophisticated look. Whether it is oak, maple, cherry, or walnut, wood has its own feel to it. Sometimes choosing materials can be a problem. But with your designer and decorator Leo, you are on the right path to choosing the right table for your space.

#5 If you are the type of person who loves to settle in comfortably and drink their coffee in the morning or afternoon. And with that reading a newspaper or some magazine, then we have a solution for you. A chair that goes to the side next to the side of your furniture. Here you see here in the picture, how it is so practical. If your space is wide and you have not found a table you like, place two tables next to each other and create one larger table.

#6 As you could see in the examples of paintings mostly the material used is wood, metal, marble, and glass. These are somehow the most sought-after types of materials for your space that is your table. Of course, the listed materials and table design do not have to be strictly determined for your living room. These are just some of the tips you should pay attention to when choosing a coffee table.

#7 Secure your kids: You can make liquid plastic for your table from liquid plastic with the help of glue guna. So if you have a small child or an older child in your home make sure it doesn’t hit from the corner of the table. Of course, in larger furniture salons you can find protection for the corners. So, click here and find more about how to choose the best coffee table for your home.

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  1. Okrugli stol mi je uvijek bio broj 1. Ovi primjeri na tvom blogu su mi toop. Baš mi jedan ovakav treba. Savjeti za dimenzije stolova mislim da ce svima dobro doci. Hvala ti ♥️

  2. Ovo ti je najpametnija stvar, bitno je da je stolić izrađen od drva, najtrajniji materijal(bez obzira koja je vrsta hrast, javor, bukva), dugovječno i uvijek može da se iskoristi

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