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Charleston architecture the best design for your new house

Hello my dear family, how are you today?! I am great, so today I want to surprise you and your friend and family with this incredible article. My topic for this Monday. And the topic is: “Charleston architecture the best design for your new house” What do you think about this design, do you heard somewhere or maybe you have this?! Please comment down below this post, I want to hear your thinking.

Let’s go and learn something about history of this design

Charleston’s single and double house architecture was an extremely early architectural style in the United States.

This is a great example, how to look like a Charleston house. It is reminiscent of those cute little houses from the first Hollywood movies. How I adore this style because you have the feeling that it is a real host house. The house you are always welcome in.
Charleston architecture the best

How to recognize this design?

  • Charleston single houseshave tall, narrow fronts and are typically only one room wide on the home’s street-facing side.
  • They have a large terrace on almost every floor;
  • A wooden fence carved to look pleasing to the eye;
  • The house is made of brick and wooden parts that are mostly arranged on the interior carpentry.

These are double houses, which can be very easily made even with two entrances. So that more families can live there.

Of course, the main entrance is always from the street, and the rooms face both the side entrance as well as the main street.
Charleston architecture the best

How looks like other rooms in this design?

Other rooms designed by Charleston Design are spacious. Especially if we’re talking about bedrooms. The bedrooms have some special charm.
This is who look like on modern way with some other style in combination.
Charleston architecture the best
Here is how looks like in a real way with all details from the 1700 year.

Now, I want to share with you how look like a bathroom in this design.

Charleston architecture the best
This is awesome, like dream 😀

This is something short but sweetly written about this historical style. Which is still used today, only it has probably kept. The same style of construction with some more modern additions. But the look is retained. I like this style of construction so much. Yes, if I had a house to decorate it like this.

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