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Ceiling Paint Ideas for your rooms to look adorable

Good morning, my friends. How are you today is Sunday, but the sun it’s gone. Here in my city, it is raining day 🙁 But, I’m ready to fix this day on my way. So, today I look at something new and find a great idea, what write today.

You can see my title. I ‘ll write about the best ceiling paint ideas. Sounds great, but did you know, if you paint your ceiling in your room you don’t need a rug?! Very smart idea, if you don’t like rugs 🙂

What to Know Before You Buy Paint?

If you want a flat, white ceiling, then ordinary flat sheen white interior latex paint that is not labeled as ceiling paint can be applied on the ceiling.

I already write about what is latex paint and where to buy the same color, and which one is the best oil paint or latex paint. Just click here and find out.

But I recommend if you have a large spacious room, and you want something new in your room but you don’t know what.

So, it’s time for a colorful ceiling. Yes, when you paint in 2 or 3 color ceiling you can get a very great room. Also, ceiling design is best for dining rooms, and bathrooms. 

Let’s find how you can DIY your ceiling and how you can paint to look very great.

Best ceiling paint ideas, and how decore your ceiling

Also, you don’t need to paint your ceiling you can use this picture as an example and doing the same in your dining room but small size. And with this design, you can get a very luxurious style.

Great Idea if you have pillars on the ceiling.

Also, what I recommended to my friends is that if they have bedrooms in the attic, they can paint in white, which exceptionally expands the triple visual space, creates a special comfort.

If you have kid’s you can doing the same with the ceiling.

Ceiling paint ideas for girls room.

This example is for a girl’s room. Girls love stars. When you turn on the light in the dark this looks like a fairy tale.

Ceiling paint ideas for boys.

But, if you have boys this is a great idea of how you can paint the ceiling.

Also, if your free time spending in the kitchen or at the bar of your kitchen. You can make your kitchen ceiling look like a “wall down”.

Great idea if your free time spandexes in kitchen.

You can also get a larger visual space in your dining room if you have ceiling paint ideas like this one.

Ceiling paint idea for dining room.
Mirror ceiling idea.

One easy way to make your ceiling look taller is to install metal-made ceiling tiles to give a mirror effect. Such a reflection makes the room larger than it actually is.

Paint is an easy way to raise ceilings and is affordable within most budgets. Bright colors open rooms, while dark colors reduce rooms.

Another good idea is to hang thin light in the middle of the room. So when you turn on the light on that part, it looks luxurious and expands your room quite a bit.

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