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Californian design bathroom for a better lifestyle

Good morning my dear friends and my dear readers! Today, I decided to write something about how to design a bathroom on my way with something simple colors. So, I decided to write about this my idea which I prepare just for you. Yeah, my title for this topic is Californian design bathrooms for a better lifestyle. I don’t know does it exist, but I want to share this incredible idea for this I called Californian bathroom.

What is a Californian design bathroom, and why is this good for you?!

Californian design bathroom
Californian design bathroom

Yes, unfortunately there is no article on Google about this design at all. So from today, you will be able to apply California bathroom design. You’re probably wondering why I named it after California. I don’t know about you, but I adore beautiful sunsets that remind me of California.

Another thing that especially emphasizes this bathroom design, is definitely the colors. I chose the colors to be simple, and to evoke a sense of comfort. Unfortunately, today you can’t often find that feeling, especially in bathrooms. In a large number of cases, slightly darker colors are used, and dim lighting. And I just want to do the opposite, and I want you to feel that positive energy every time you walk into the bathroom.

Of course, my bathroom meets all the criteria of Feng Shui rules, where you will be one hundred percent more relaxed. If you are not sure what the rules are, you can definitely click on this article. It is important that you use the rules in the right way and still be effective.
Californian design bathroom

The colors I used in this California bathroom are:

  • White (all colors on the walls except one diagonal wall);
  • Cream paint on the bathroom door;
  • Air Force blue – this is the name of the color I used;
  • Marble floor tiles (light orange with beige);
  • Black marble and black lines for better striking;
  • Beechwood color on bathroom vanities;
  • Green grass;
  • Peach pink color for bathroom rug.

On this list are literally all the colors that make one sunset magnificent. And I took the lightest and darkest tone from this color from sunset. So, there is a connection with the title of the article but also my ideas.

Welcome to my most perfect bathroom so far, which I designed today with great inspiration.

In addition to these colors, as I said, I chose lighter shades of colors that will surely inspire you. I also intentionally placed two art paintings above the washing machine and toilet bowl. Because we don’t want a classic bathroom. I want you to have a bathroom that will inspire you but also those who come to visit you.

I put a big shower in the bathroom, where I intended you could take a bath with your beautiful half. Of course, and I’m sure you’ll want to enjoy yourself with this view and window. Which has two functions: one is in charge of removing steam and the other enjoying the beautiful view while bathing.

I installed a wall radiator in this bathroom, with a digital display. Where you can change the temperature in the bathroom as desired. Also, in the bathroom I imagined it to be a warm floor. Which means that if you completely renovate the bathroom, you can also do underfloor heating.

Californian design bathroom

The selected colors and complete material for this bathroom is according to the latest trends. Indeed, with a bathroom like this, I’m sure you can raise the price of your apartment or house. What I want to write or say all the time is that this design can be easily adapted for smaller bathrooms. Many of you will be sure to write whether this can be used for smaller square footage. Of course it can!

Californian design bathroom
This is a display of what the bathroom looks like with the help of an ultra wide camera. But on my Instagram profile you will also find video in 4k resolution.

I am sure that my idea of California bathroom design will inspire you and that you will do your bathroom, if not similar. Through this blog, I try to point out to you every day that colors are the most important. Well then comes the lighting in the space, and then go the other elements: the furniture, the details, the flowers.

If you love reading articles like this one, check out my other texts here. Don’t forget to e-mail me if you have some interesting ideas to You may also find me on Instagram @mr.leohodzic.

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