Bright Wallpaper Ideas for living room in 2020

Good morning my dear friends, today I decided to write about bright wallpaper ideas for living room in 2020. So why waste time let’s start right now.

5 Bright Wallpaper for your home

The meadow of watercolor wildflowers that seems to bloom from the floor of this living room is a perfect foil. For a cheerful yellow sofa and a jumble of colorful throw pillows.

Bright Wallpaper Ideas
Bright Wallpaper Ideas

Banana Leaves Create a Tropical Backdrop- To style a room around this exuberant banana leaf wallpaper, she says. Choose leather and velvet furniture for a glamorous effect or rattan, crisp linens. And hints of blush for a breezy Bahamas look. “Styling such a bold wallpaper choice should be fun,” Gray says. 

Bright Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper That Tells a StoryThe designers advise that you can style a room with bold wallpaper by calming the space down. With neutrals or layering in even more color, pattern, and texture. “For our hand-painted wallpaper ‘Paco Y Maria‘ we decided to do a little of both!” the designers say.

Bright Wallpaper Ideas
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Create a Quirky Feature Wall Behind the BedThis whimsical wallpaper decorated with wild cats and tropical leaves. Was inspired by the playful, retro design aesthetic of director Wes Anderson’s iconic movies.

Bright Wallpaper Ideas

Wake Up a Breakfast Nook With a Geometric Look- Crisp white walls and furniture keep it fresh while a round table and gently curved Scandi-style chairs subtly echo the wallpaper pattern.

Boost Your Home Office With a Rainbow-Hued World Map: The softly blurred edges of the design encourage globe-trotting daydreams in between emails. White walls and flooring create a sleek blank canvas effect.

Also you can find here more interesting ideas for your home just look down pictures.

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