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Best Spring Backyard Ideas in 2020

Hello, my dear! How are you today? Did you stay home or you out somewhere? I’m staying at my home with my family. So, in today’s blog post I’ll talk more about best spring backyard ideas. Why? Because, it finally springs here, and we are ready to clean old stuff from our backyard, and how to remodel it.

How to design my small backyard? As this is your question?

I know when you have a small garden you really don’t know what to do. How to start, what I exactly need…. and etc.

Best Backyard Ideas

Like on this pictures you can design your backyard like on this beautiful example.

Fortunately, there are so many unique materials available today, except that lightweight ones are not expensive. And they look nice in our backyard.

Which stone to use in backyard?!

You have several very similar-looking flagstones to your yard, but they are very different in material and appearance. Here is something great and I’ll tell you what is best for you.

Here are some types of flagstone and their average prices to help you get an idea of what the material costs:

  • Lyons Red:  $150.00 per ton
  • Colorado Buff: $430.00 per ton
  • Blue Mica Quartzite: $700 per ton
  • Canyon Gold Quartzite: $700 per ton
  • Carolina Rose: $400 per ton
  • Chocolate Gray: $315 per ton
  • Emerald Gray: $300 per ton
  • Oklahoma Multi-Blend: $500 per ton
  • Rosa: $450 per ton
  • Sedona Red: $350 per ton
  • Silver Quartzite: $700 per ton

In this last paragraph you can visit this link and choose which one price and design are best for your backyard renovation. But I will choose these three are even great prices and they look amazing. It’s Best Spring Backyard Ideas.

Best Backyard Ideas
Chocolate Gray: $315 per ton
Best Backyard Ideas
Colorado Buff: $430.00 per ton
Best Backyard Ideas
Lyons Red:  $150.00 per ton

These three flagstones you can use in a small backyard and it’s very great if you have or want a landscaped backyard. I recommend these three because the price is very good and loos good, too.

Firepit ideas for $50-$100?

Yes, why not you can DIY by yourself. It’s very easy and looks so great. Here is some example of a fire pit. This is great Backyard Ideas fo you.

Why bother and pay extra for a firepit service. Use the following tips to design your firepit.

  • Choose the place where you want to add inside your garden or backyard fire pit;
  • Take a meter and measure if it is a smaller yard, choose a suitable size and mark with stones or with white;
  • After you have done this, find interesting designs on the internet that you would like to get;
  • Head to the nearest store or order bricks to put around your firepit
  • if you just want to make a firepit then after marking, mow those places, remove the grass and dig a 1.5 to a 2-meter deep hole.
  • It can be a rectangle, the circle you want the firepit shape and dimensions;
  • Buy a tin, or you already have a tin barrel in the garage that has been pierced. Use it and place it in the place you dug;
  • Order a brick, you will place the brick around the fire pit so that it is stable and secure;
  • When you’re done, sort it. It’s time for the final part. You can repaint the firepit with a façade or leave it looking like you were laying stones and thus getting an extra design;
  • Set the grate, state charcoal. Although I recommend pellets are healthier for the environment and start a fire and enjoy your firepit.

If you would like me to update this post I would also post some tips for a backyard pool. But I will write this if you ask in the comment.

Spring Backyard flowers, which one is the best?

Depending on how you planned, you can choose a floral arrangement from the colors you have planned.

All designers for the backyard recommend these few flower tips for our backyard. So, let’s find out which one of these is the best.

HydrangeaThese are summer plants and last all summer long. They can be maintained, they are allowed to buy three-four seedlings, they spread very quickly throughout the yard. It is possible to have more colors. From blue to pink. So your sanctuary has small shrubs of beautiful colors.


Columbine: Native OptionNever underestimate the value of native choices when seeking low-care plants. Because they’ve addressed the conditions in your neck of the woods over eons, wildflowers native to your region are quite capable of standing on their own two feet without much care from you.

Flowers seed is $1.00

Best Spring Backyard Ideas title is just for your garden, and you must read this.

When we design our backyard, now it’s time for which table and chairs to choose.

Click on picture for more
Click on picture for more

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