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Best colors for your living room in 2020

Good morning my friends, today I’ll write about a very interesting topic. I know, some of us use in our living rooms just one color or two maximum and that’s not good. Today, I’ll write the Best colors for your living It’s very important to know more about this topic. I ‘ll share with you very easy steps.

Why do two colors in the living room look monotonous?

The best colors for living room
The best colors for living room

As you can see in the pictures above, there are mostly two colors that dominate in one room, as a designer, I by no means recommend that one or two colors dominate in the living room.

You must be wondering why? And as a designer, I can tell you that for better success in life. If you want to know more about this amazing designer rule you can read here.

Pictures from @interior_dd

Great tips for you 🙂

As you can see in the previous picture, two colors dominate Gray and white. If the designer had left everything gray it would not have looked like a tidy apartment.

It was here that he added white, to have some contrast from the monotony, and he got two styles in one. These are Modern style and minimalist style.

Tip 1: If you remember what I told you recently the details will “pull out” the whole situation if you don’t have three colors in your home. If you don’t see, let me write. The designer came up with a great idea, where he put green flowers on the table.

In this picture you just need rose flowers and that’s it. Yes, definitely, they raise the atmosphere of such a beautiful home. Click here for more amazing ideas about this inspired colors.

Picture from oliveandhome

T2: As you can see in the picture above this text that I am writing to you. There is such a beautifully decorated living room in Boho style, which I personally LOVE!

This photo is dominated by two colors: White and wood color. In this picture everything is in place and for this style my rating would be 10 out of 10. Bravo for this soothing and very gentle combination.

Best colors for your living
Best colors for your living
Best colors for your living

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