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Belgian style for a small apartment in 2020

Hello, my dear readers. When I search on the web what I write this 21. April I decided to write about one special style where you have to combine modern style and traditional style. Hm, I suppose you have no idea what that style might be?!

It’s a Belgian style, and it’s a wonderful style if you need something modern with traditional style. I love this style, and you’ll love it too when I explain what is it.

What is Belgian style and how to recognize it on the premises?

The key feature of this style is, in fact, that you can combine traditional for example a table that is traditional, and you can combine it with a modern seating set.

In the following picture you can see a combination of modern design and traditional design.

Belgian style in a small apartment

As you can see, the kitchen element is a traditional wood color design, but it fits perfectly with the modern design of the other kitchen elements.

In the next list, you can find out what exactly is Belgian style.

  • Focus on neutral colors
  • Incorporate natural elements
  • Add plenty of light
  • Get some oversized antique furniture
  • Don’t forget to place some modern elements
  • Put the details in their place

I mentioned the neutral tones. You see, these can be neutral tones of your furniture or some of the details in the room you want to decorate in this style. And that’s the power of this beautiful style.

Which colors to choose to suit this style. These are usually lighter shades, beige, white, gray, light orange. And with these colors you can combine modern styles and therefore colors that are striking. Just like in the previous picture.

Belgian style
All this picture is from interiors_dd

Also, what’s very interesting about this style and very similar to the cozy style. It’s really these long curtains on the windows.

The more interesting they are, especially if they are in the color that dominates the room.

Kada sam kod prozora jos uvijek zelio bih pomenuti drage prijatelje sa profila @zebra_zavjese_glorious_home kod kojih mozete pronaci predivne visokokvalitetne zebra, rolo, trakaste zavjese i razna druga platna preko 300 modela. U nastavku pogledajte neke od njihovih zanimljivih dezena za vas dom.
Picture is from Glorious home

The previous quote is just for my readers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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