Before-and-After Living Room Makeover in 2020

Hello my friends, today I’ll talk about my living room with my pictures. I’ll write about how I’m makeover my living room in two styles. I love so much cozy style and minimalistic in interior design. So I decide to write: “Before-and-After Living Room Makeover”

The picture below shows what the living room looked like before. This room have 25 square ft.

Before-and-After Living Room Makeover
Picture from Metropola_nekretnine

When you look at this picture it’s not too good but it’s not too bad. Somewhere in the middle. But, when you start from nothing believe me it’s great. The living room is located in the attic, as you can notice the sloping walls.

Q1: Where to start?

#1: We started with the removal of this furniture because it was very obvious that in this living room with sloping walls and this type of furniture, the daylight was obscured.

I donated the furniture, to people who really needed it. One has to think of others as well.

After I removed the furniture from the living room, it was time to paint the walls. But not in any of the colors, I still wrote that it was necessary to paint the wall.

Of course, you need to refresh your premises. But the only color here, due to the large space with large windows, is neutral and white. Here how that look.

Before-and-After Living Room Makeover

Like you see, in my room is a parquet. I love parquet like I said if your parquet is well done, negate bride over the next few years.

This flooring was believed or not done 30 years ago, and it still is. For now, I will not do sanding and varnishing but when I do it I will definitely write to you here.

Before-and-After Living Room Makeover

In my living room, my windows are very huge, you can see right now on the next picture. But, I love huge windows because you ‘ll get more lights in your room.

Time is for real makover

After we remove old furniture and we paint our walls. Now it’s time to buy new furniture and other details for this room.

I went to a furniture store, and I picked out colored furniture that would freshen up this room and give it a lovely note of refreshment. I like what I choose, I choose L shaped furniture garniture in 2 colors beige and brown. Totally great for this room.

Great color for this room. Totally cozy style.

Like you see I’m mixing two interior styles in one room. It’s a Cozy style with a minimalistic refresh. That’s looks so great. You can mix two styles if you want to refresh your room as I do.

I love it when I feel in the room I’m in that it’s a comfortable atmosphere, where I can be totally relaxed from thinking about stressful situations.

And when you feel that you are nervous, you enter a beautiful room like this, and all the negative energy disappears.

Unboxing my furniture
Before-and-After Living Room Makeover

I bought a beautiful rug in beige color with pink flowers. Which will fit perfectly with the furniture and the whole room?! Love this color combination, because this is the best if you want to refresh your room.

In the next picture, you can see how it looks like my living room after I makeover the living room. I’m so excited.

This is how looks like when you mixed two styles in one room, I love how it looks like now. So refreshing and so beautiful. Now, all missed lights come inside my living room. This is the Before-and-After Living Room Makeover look.

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