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Bauhaus design for your new glamorous era

Hi, how are you! For today, I decided to write about a glamorous design I have ever heard and seen. As you will see this is a very popular but at the same time ‘glamorous’ design, for your space. So my title will be about the Bauhaus design for your new glamorous era! I know you may be hearing about this design for the first time, which I still call professional interior design. I decided to also present one of my modern Bauhaus designs for the living room. You’ll love it, this is a project I worked on for a client from Doha!

What is Bauhaus design and what you can expect after design your room in this style?!

For starters, I will tell you that this design has been around since 1919 and its existence when we calculate it has been around for 102 years. Imagine what a modern design it was in 1919 that still exists today. It is a very unusual design that is very often associated with modern style. Most of this design can be seen in the offices but also in the waiting rooms of some of the most exclusive companies. At first glance, and it certainly seems to you that this is an ‘uncomfortable style’. But once you try it you will always come back to this professional style.

This is just a small part of my project that I designed for my client! In this picture, you can see modern Bauhaus with black and white color with some details in other colors.

After only 7 years since the release of today’s most famous glamorous style. It was designed by the same designers and this somewhat unusual seating chair. Namely, this chair was designed and made in 1926 and is called the Wassily chair, which has not changed its name to this day.

The only original chair from the picture is produced by a knoll company. And its price is $3,000. Only that company has a license to produce the original look.

What about colors in this incredible style and design?

As for the colors within this design, two colors are mostly the most noticeable. In most cases these are some of the following colors that I will print down below in the list.

  • Black and white;
  • Red and white;
  • Yellow and blue;
  • Blue and black and other color combination.

What actually emphasizes the modern Bauhaus style the most is the specialty that many furniture companies strive for. These are mostly simplicity but on the other hand uniqueness. Read below what makes this design and style unique.

  • Functional Shapes;
  • Simple Color Schemes;
  • Industrial Materials;
  • Balanced Asymmetry;
  • Holistic Design.
Bauhaus design for your

The goal of this design is to create the feeling of spaciousness that the owner wants in a large space. On the other hand, comfort will make you relax as much as possible and enjoy the modern style that surrounds you.

Bauhaus design for your
Given that when you combine Bauhaus and modern style there is always something missing to be particularly glamorous. And since I love that mid-century and its details. I decided to decorate the ceiling with this plasterboard, which has royal details on it. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling as you lie on the sofa to watch this ‘luxury ceiling’.

With this arrangement, it is important to agree on the details at the beginning. What the owner actually wants to do is design the room, and then we designers will turn that idea into reality.

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  1. Meni su ove stolice top a i općenito ovaj stil mi se baš svidja. Iako izgleda na prvu malo čudan ali kad detaljnije pogledamo sve mi je potaman. 😍

    1. E strop sam posebno radio 4 ipol sata! Trazio sam posebnu ekskluzivu da se uklopi u ono sto sam zamislio _D

    1. EEE bas tako, ova kombinacija boja je glamurozna od kad znam, i sa njom se ne moze pogrjesiti. Naravno ako neko voli ovu kombinaciju

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