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Autumn kitchen design for this pandemic year

Good morning my dear friends, this morning I will write about autumn kitchen design for your kitchen. I know this is a great period to change your kitchen if you don’t change. But, also it’s posted also about what you can add in your new kitchen design if you already change something there. So why wait, let’s start.

Autumn kitchen design, what’s new!

In this blog, I’ll concentrate on two styles of kitchen designs. I’ll write about the modern kitchen vs Vintage kitchen. And these two styles I’ll package in one style.

When you look behind you, you can see a retro or vintage style kitchen. But, when you compare this vintage and now you don’t see huge change accept three details change.

This is modern kitchen and down below I’ll add retro kitchen.

Autumn kitchen design
Autumn kitchen design

What’s change down on list you can seen:

  • The pattern on tiles from floor goes up now it’s patter tiles on the wall;
  • Colors are now in three combine not few any more;
  • You can add some flowers or not. It’s not anymore trendy;
  • Everything is here as the same

Also I’ll share with you some my favourite article what I wrote about kitchen.

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Need advice on how to design your kitchen? But you just don’t know where to start. All you have to do is take a piece of paper and a pen and write my own tips- for Spring Kitchen design ideas. So let’s get going!

Once upon a time, kitchens were like a mysterious room from which they came out and still come out with beautiful scents of food and treats made by our grandmothers, mothers, and even today, ourselves.

What you need to change or add in your kitchen here is some little list that you need for every kitchen to have.

Autumn kitchen design

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