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Asian Zen interior style: This is what you really need!

Good morning my dear friends, I want today to share with you a great topic. As you can see today you can learn more about Asian Zen interior style! Yeah, this is a very popular interior design all over the world and I decided to write something about it. I believe that you use some great details in your home from this style.

What do you need to know?

Asian Zen style is very close to a minimalist style, but it is not a minimalist style. It uses some similar elements, although it has a special “soul” that will give you a lot of energy. Although, when you look at interior design in this style it is not vivid to that extent.

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You, as the owner of your home, but also me as an interior designer, recommend that you combine it with a style. Because this style is ideal and gives a special uniqueness when combined with other styles.

Asian Zen interior style: This is what you really need!

As you can see, our style’s “golden” rule runs through every style. Yes, you know what I’m talking about! This rule runs through all possible homes. And always and forever will be there. Of course, it’s about 60-30-10. Ah, you see that rule also applies in this style.

This style love people who live in big cities, who are active, hard-working. When they return home, they want an atmosphere of peace, quietness, and harmony of thought. At the moment, this style is very popular, especially among young, career-minded people.

Asian Zen interior style

Here, elements such as whirling water, natural wood, bamboo surfaces, and rough fabrics adjacent to the same color silk, pebbles, wood boards, and logs are combined with each other.

About colors…

What is different in this style compared to other styles is that the colors can be neutral. That they are not too demanding, but simple and soothing. Of course, since I am an energetic person and I guess the same for you that this style would only be in the details. Is it?!

This is an example of how a bathroom looks in this style

Although I wrote above that these are soothing colors and that relaxing color. When you “insert” colors into this style: red, green, orange, yellow, and light pink. Then space can sing you, then you get that energy you need, after an exhausting day.

What makes this style unique?

  • Natural light;
  • Materials from nature;
  • Clean lines;
  • Storage is crucial;
For the kitchen, go for glossy white cabinets with built-in handles, so they blend into the walls.

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