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Art Nouveau: What you need to know in 2020

Hello, my friends, how are you today ?! I’m not very well, because I have a temperature. 🙁 But that doesn’t mean that if I have a temperature. That I shouldn’t write something very interesting for my dear readers. Am I right? Yes, I am! My topic today is Art Nouveau: What you need to know in 2020. And how can you use it in your home? Why wait, let’s go.

What it is Art Nouveau? Let’s learn and use inside our homes

A design style that gained popularity in both the United States and Europe from 1890 to 1910, showcased floral patterns, curves, linear designs, and elegant silhouettes, among other characteristics. The elaborate aesthetic was prevalent across a range of disciplines, including furniture, architecture, fine art.
Art Nouveau: What you need to know in 2020

This design style is quite old. It originated in the late 1800s. The style is ideal for an apartment with a non-standard floor plan, studio apartments, and also will be an ideal choice when decorating a house.

Art Nouveau: What you need to know in 2020

Not so long ago, I wrote about a similar design and that is of course Art Deco. If you are interested in more about this design, click here.

Modernist interiors can be characterized as follows: the form follows function. In other words, the furniture and decor should first of all have a functional purpose. Which design option is better to choose? You can choose one of the following solutions:

  1. 100% Art Nouveau interior. The most expensive option, which means you will have to completely recreate all the details of the style.
  2. Decorative. Imitation of the style with several basic design elements.
  3. Light. Only color scheme and a few characteristic accents

How you exatcly can recognize this style?

  • It is very similar to the Scandinavian style, because the basis of the furniture in most cases is wood.
  • Within this style you can also notice the French style.
  • Simply, everything you can read on my blog, to partially extract one part of it. You will get this design, for a happy and very modern home.
Art Nouveau: What you

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