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Art Deco with modern style for your living room inspire

Good morning friends, this last day in May I’ll write about Art Deco with modern style for your living room inspires, and with this open summer season in interior design! I hope so you like all my other articles and share them with your friends.

What is Modern style, what you must to know about them?

Often confused with contemporary style, today’s modern style is based on a design movement that was birthed around the turn of the 20th century. Modern style furnishings and decor celebrate natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and the elimination of unnecessary detailing.

For today’s article I prepared for you something great style in combination with two styles. On these pictures as e.g, you can recognize Modern style with Art Deco details.

It’s for glamor houses and people who really love this luxury styles and all that glamour. I love the luxury style but with some great light and soft note colors.

Art Deco with modern style
Picture from my dear friends account @prosvirin_design

It is these beautiful colors with a combination of gray and beige. That is great and this summer I expect a combination in your home with these colors. With details that are golden.

You can find all this furniture in these colors and decorations. Much cheaper without looking luxurious again.

$ 500 for furniture, while for wall decoration you can use the wallpaper of this design.

Tip for you: If there is any possibility, do not buy wallpaper. Today, you can draw all these decorations in a marble pattern on the wall yourself with the help of self-adhesive strips.

My advice to you is to avoid buying wallpaper. Why? An even greater amount of moisture accumulates under the wallpaper because the wall, unfortunately, cannot breathe!

And then there can be a cracking of the wall and then a thousand and one problems that I don’t want you to face.

Art Deco with modern style

You really want to have a dining room in style as well as the living room and the rest of the home.

Then you can design the whole apartment or house in combination with these two styles.

I’m not honest, to say a fan that when I decorate the home of my clients, the identical style that is in the living room should be in the dining room.

Of course, the decor can be the same in the same style, but not everything else.

I prefer the style of a surprise to be applied in the home. Because it’s your house after all, and you know how to redecorate your home.

But I am more for surprises. I agree, that the colors can be the same but still set some detail, or rose flowers.

That is pink for example and thus refresh the room, let it be bright. And just when you enter your dining room, you always feel the “WoW” effect. I love this effect, to see on friends when they enter my apartment.

Precisely, and if you have in your head one of these design solutions for your home. Like, a young but very experienced designer.

I would advise you to add a third color, regardless of these previously mentioned colors.

Here is the green color, the royal green color is the color of the jade gemstone. Well done for the design solution.

But I would also recommend this living color in the living room, at least in some details.

Also, I want to recommend to you if you need anything. Very interesting for your living room but in modern style.

Visit my amazing link here about modern style colors just for this year or this season.

Picture from etsy.com
Art Deco with modern style
Picture from ballarddesigns.com
Picture from goodhousekeeping.com
Art Deco with modern style

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