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Kitchen bar Half wall for Breakfast in 2020

Good evening, dear readers, I suddenly had the idea to write about the design of half wall in kitchen for breakfast bar.

I was listening to friends about their fantastic ideas how to make a kitchen bar in home or apartment. On the internet, there wasn’t much content about it.

The first question I want to ask is, do you have a kitchen bar in your kitchen?

If yes, please write in the post below in the comment box and describe. If your answer no, please write in the post below.

Below I bring you some ideas on how to make and what color to choose for your kitchen bar.

Let’s write about how to make a kitchen bar, and what color to choose.

You already get bored while making lunch or dinner to wear your dining table plates. Or simply, you hate talking to your friends in the room next door. So you miss something?!

Then the right time came to make your own kitchen bar. Now a million million questions arise in my head? The questions in my head are the following: what, how, where to start. “Oh no, I don’t want to break the wall we just paint the wall.” 🙁

Once you’ve decided on the idea of breaking out a wall, it’s a good time to draw on the wall how it should look. As your own master, you can choose whether you want to break the wall completely, or only half the wall.

For example here is some photographys how you can do this:

Best kitchen bar for small space.

After breaking the wall, you can now start repairing the walls and plastering. As a designer, since it was, for example, a wall that is not a load-bearing beam but an ordinary wall, you can put a grid and a styrofoam over the mortar.

Why? Because you will strengthen that wall. Make it strong so you can be sure to insert a marble slab across the bottom and continue decorating.

Once everything was set up, our future kitchen bar prepared. It’s time to decide which marble slab to choose and which color.

Make it a marble slab in shades of gray, why. Because in earlier posts we wrote that gray is the perfect match for kitchen elements.

To install a marble slab, you must do the following:

  1. plaster the place where we envisioned the kitchen bar or half wall
  2. We put tile adhesive, of course you can put tiles instead of marble tiles because they are nevertheless much cheaper and cheaper.
  3. You can choose the tiles you want and the colors you want. However, if you have decided on a marble slab then you put it over the tile adhesive.
  4. then paint the wall you broke into a room-refreshing color that will be compatible with all the other elements in the future.

Now comes the nicest part, after these hard work. It’s time to paint the wall.

Gold white and black idea for kitchen bar.
kitchen bar half wall

Wood kitchen bar idea
Kitchen bar idea for small apartment

Conclusion: A kitchen bar is not easy to make, but it has two great advantages.

  1. Reduces the time the plate is placed on the dining table
  2. You do not have to spend your wonderful voice, now your friends are sitting there with you sitting or helping you.

Of course, the most important thing about visual excellence is expanding your home or space. When you wake up in the morning, you can now easily say “Breakfast served” enjoy with your family and friends.

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