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90’s urban design: live your life again in 2021-2022!

Hi, my dear friends, it’s time for an amazing topic, and guess what will be popular again in 2021 and 2022. I decided to write about this title today, and leave my mark for the next few years. 90’s Urban Design: Live Your Life Again in 2021-2022. Sounds great, so why wait, let’s change this year with lots of colors. Also, you should share this great design with your friends and family. Because why wait for 2022, now is the right time to prepare for a design that will change the entire planet again.

Why do we need again 90’s urban design in our lives?!

Vibrant bright colors, asymmetrical and geometric-shaped furniture, lots of funky patterns are the primary art elements of the 90’s urban trend. This kind of design piece can be a lot of fun and direct attention to different elements. From watercolors, creative hand-painted walls, and wallpaper murals, we will definitely see a focus on making walls shine.

90's urban design
Picture from @trendesignbook

As you can already see, this year I started with the color that I predicted would be a hit. It is a turquoise color, or green mint color. It is a very thankful color, for living rooms but also kitchens. Therefore, it remains in trend for the next two years. So if you choose some of the elements or furniture in this color, you will enjoy this beauty.

Colors the world will talk about again!

As in interior design as well as in fashion, these colors will change your thinking in all spheres of your life.
  • Baby blue, and dark blue;
  • Orange, yellow;
  • Raspberry red;
  • Pastel pink;
  • Kelly green, grass green;
  • Mat grey color;
  • Neon colors.

As you can see, this is a living room in a mix and match combination. But even though at first glance you feel like you’re lost in color. No, you didn’t! It is, in fact, a very harmoniously chosen combination of patterns, colors and that this is an urban style. This is a style in which your company, or your large living room that has been monotonous for years, will come to life again.

There are two base colors in this image: white and turquoise. With these two base colors, you can combine different styles but also colors. In addition, when you add LED bulbs or Neon lights to all this, you will get a perfect modern space. It’s PARTY time!

What’s the advantage, having a 90’s urban style in your home?

The advantage is more than obvious. With this style, you have complete freedom to “fit-unfold” all possible colors, and patterns. Exactly, everything you combine, it will come to life even more and you will always be in trend, regardless of whether it is a period of 5 or 10 years. Urban style, in my estimation, will never “die out”.

Picture from @trendesignbook

And if you still want big changes in appearance e.g. restaurants, or large halls. Then definitely if he chooses urban style wallpaper, you will have the best attendance and everything invested will come back twice as much. Because, we all want to have something that will make us different and in the modern age we have to stick to trends.

What styles make up this best style?

This urban style is made up of great styles. That is, it is actually created from the best and highest quality parts from each of the following styles.

  • Eclectic style;
  • 70’s trend style;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Mid-century;
  • Contemporary;
  • Industrial style;
  • Traditional;
  • French and Italian style.
Picture from @trendesignbook
90’s urban design

The type of material that mainly prevails in the urban style …

Velvet is one of the most common materials used. Because it has a reflective design, then there is the furniture fabric standard. Eco leather is used in this case only to emphasize the sides on the corner sets. Of course, brass is one of the basic details for decorating.

You can choose any color! Feel free to choose what you really love!

In this style, you can play with a combination of velvet and brass and get a luxurious look.

Picture from @trendesignbook

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