8 easy tips for Feng Shui in the bathroom

Hi my dear friends, how are you?! I decided to write for 1. May 8 easy tips for Feng Shui in the bathroom. Yes, I know it’s coming beautiful days you need to use them to renovate your bathroom. But, you will renovate with my 8 easy tips with Feng Shui. So, why wait let’s start before the sun come’s up!

Learn here 8 easy tips for your bathroom with Feng Shui

As we all know, after we arrange the living room, kitchen and rooms. Simply, sometimes we hate to prepare to decorate our bathroom. Because we simply have no inspiration, but always on my site inwithleo.com you will find over 20+ ideas with free tips. But with that and with a recommendation which interior designers to choose.

The bathroom is one area we don’t pay much attention most of the time. When we design or buying a house, we all look at the living room, kitchen, and bedroom first. In fact, the bathroom is an important space regarding our health, well-being, and even wealth in Feng Shui.

#1 The first piece of advice that you should not have in your bathroom is that the front door to the apartment is located across from the bathroom door. It is very bad energy in which negativities are believed to be circulating, bad for our home. Also, the advice you should follow is that the bathroom door should always be closed and the toilet seat closed.

8 easy tips

#2 The kitchen door across from the bathroom door must not be in any way. The only solution if it exists, and you can not remove it is recommended that the bathroom door be closed. In order to equalize energies.

#3 It has also been recommended since ancient times that the bed in the bedroom is so oriented that you do not “touch” the bathroom or toilet with your feet. If this is how it is in your home right now, the easiest thing you can do is to turn the bed by the window vertically. So to create the positive energy that we really all need to have in the home.

More about lightning…

My recommendations to you daily writing on any topic. I try to say, that you should have brighter bathrooms if possible. If, you do not have a window in the bathroom you can always use an alternative. There are certainly various types of reflective wall colors, tiles, even lighter pastel colors, are recommended. If not because of artificial lighting then because of aesthetics. Of course, artificial lighting must be strong LED lighting.

#4 Recommendations found in Feng Shui ancient science, to place flowers in the bathrooms. Of course, these must be green leaves without any thorns or the like. Green plants that are easy to maintain are even recommended.

#5 The following advice that is recommended for positive energy, and the elimination of various diseases. Yes if you live in a house that has 2 floors or more. That is, there is a bathroom or toilet above the front door on the second floor. Very poor flow of energy, for you but also for all those who come and visit you.

This is very important, as I wrote because of the various influences that come with negativity.

How to use the mirror the right way?

#6 In the homes of all those who follow the rules of Feng Shui, you can often see some figurines of lions, dragons and the like. Of course, no one is forcing you to buy yourself one of the mentioned figures. It can be on the vase, or on the decoration in the bathroom.

#7 The next and very interesting piece of advice that I am sure you all have in your home, that you didn’t even know if it was good or bad. Of course, thinking of positive energy. And that is, of course, that there must not be a mirror right from the front door. That is as much a cause as stated in the ancient science I am writing about. It most often negatively affects people who are in a very emotionally bad state.

#8 I recommend that you be sure to read some of my ideas on how to decorate your home in Feng Shui rules. To be less sick, emotionally negative. And to be happy and spread positive energy. Click here for more on these topics.

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