7 great Summer indoor items for your terrace

Hi, for today I prepare something very simple but very useful if you don’t jet design your terrace. Also, I will in the middle or at the end add another post for the terrace. So, here today you will learn a lot of free tips and tricks on what you should do! My title for today’s topic will be 7 great summer indoor items for your terrace! Here, I’ll add a lot of thing you maybe didn’t now. So, let’s began with this crazy but cool topic.

Which 7 great summer indoor items you can learn here?!

The season to sip drinks al fresco, gather with friends on the balcony, and dine on the patio has officially arrived! In my opinion, this summer for Europe we have really been waiting for a very long time! Why do I say that, considering that I live in the former Yugoslavia. We have been waiting for summer, and its high temperatures! But since it has arrived, here are 7 items you can use for your terraces or balconies.

For a start, I will present that almost every summer we see beautiful terraces or balconies. But this summer since we’ve all been waiting for him with open arms. It brings us a trend that some avoid, and that is the most beautiful trend in my opinion – I’m telling you about the BOHO style. The colors that this style gives you will make your terrace totally “shade” all the other most beautiful terraces in your neighborhood.

7 great Summer indoor

The other style as well as the trend you see in the picture above is Industrial but combined with Boho style. Because this style can never boz boho style, especially when it comes to decorating balconies or terraces. You especially notice the colors: earth tones, biophilic design (shelf with green flowers) otherwise serves as a great decor that will refresh your space. Both visually, but also less heat will be felt in the air.

It’s time to show you the 7 most interesting details for a terrace / balcony or garden

#1 Garden stoolsGarden stools are ideal for occasions where extra seating is needed on a whim, but they also make for useful drink holders or footrests—simply pick them up and move them as you desire.

#2 Side tablesAnd if you prefer a modern style then we have a great recommendation for you. Side tables in various colors and with various details. But the best colors for terraces are the already mentioned earth tones, here and there it can be with a gold line.

#3 Garden mirror ideas- this idea also comes from the English tulle but on the other hand from the French style. But while the designers decide where the idea came from, I recommend you apply it. Whether it is terraces that are small or huge, this detail will be very helpful. Try it out, take a picture and tag me!

#4 Comfort is paramount! Whatever style or design and details you choose. In addition to colors, we always somehow pay attention to comfort.If the furniture on the terrace is not comfortable, it’s like having a body without a soul.

#5 Boho-style rug! The terrace rug is something phenomenal ever designed. You can choose to be a jute rug or a plush path that will beautify your space.

#6 Table lamps- If you have your own terrace, or garden then this detail if you put. You will have the most beautiful garden anyone has ever had. Also, here’s one great tip! Buy solar lamps and stick their ends into the ground, or place them on a table. During the day, with the help of solar panels, enough energy will accumulate, which will be shown when night falls.

7 great Summer indoor
This picture is from company ( and it’s not a paid promotion.

#7 Table decor- Choose decorations in your style, I will not write anything in this part. I leave it to you to use the fat and enjoy the colors. Be creative and imaginative!

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