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6 easy tricks to get followers on Instagram in 2020

Good morning my friends, today I’ll talk about ver very Hot topic! I know everyone needs more followers, needs more likes, and more. But I finally find that “TRICK” and it’s WORK!!!! OMG, this is what you need to do. But first, must say my topic 6 easy tricks to get followers!

How to get 4-10 followers a day?

I know everyone in this century what to know this little secret 🙂 So, after a day I exploring what is this, what you must to do? Finnly is here. But, let’s start from the beginning.

  • Tag your location ( maybe Californian, or place where do you live) It’s very important to tag location who have more followers if you know what about I’m writing now. You can see down below about what is just said;
  • MUST Add hashtags 3-4 it’s my recipe to get more views I have before I used my tricks 1-2 hashtags and I have max.100 views. But After this, I have 1500-2500 views per story.
  • Be very communicative in your story. It’s very important, people want to hear from you, want to listen to your voice, your thoughts. Every word you said.
  • Be more creative if you want to present your story’s your life or very part where ever you go.
  • BONUS Be yourself on the story, don’t pretend. I love to said be ORIGINAL don’t COPY!!
6 easy tricks to get followers
Get more Impression on Instagram

How to increase your reach on Instagram?

Here’s what Instagram has revealed so far:

  • the Instagram algorithm is based on machine learning and it is constantly updating. All the updates are based on users’ engagement. 
  • Instagram does not favor photos over videos or the other way around. Some users might see more videos because they engage with that type of content more.
  • The type of Instagram account (Personal, Business, or Creator) has no influence on the reach of your profile.
  • Do not buy Instagram likes!
  • Receiving a lot of engagement in the first 30 minutes of posting has no extra effect on the overall performance of the post. 

Since you’re familiar with the rules of the Instagram algorithm, you can use them to your advantage and build a strong, organic Instagram reach.

If you want to learn more please send me DM, I’m just start with this my little project of Instagram and need support. For that please support me as followers or DM me on this profile @mr.leohodzic I’ll help you with everything you want to know about this 🙂

6 easy tricks to get followers

Also, I m start before 5 months my blog about interior design, so this is the same site where you read this content 🙂 I won’t have anything from here if I said this trick what I wait 5 years ago.

6 easy tricks to get followers
6 easy tricks to get Instagram followers

But, if you want to know more about how to decorate or renovate your house. Or you need tips and tricks about your rooms ( bedroom. living room, bathroom, hallway, balcony, garden, backyard, sunroom, and more). Just click here and enjoy these little tricks just wrote for you.

Get this every hour 🙂

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