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5+ Best Paint Living Room color ideas

Good morning, how are you, I m very well. So this morning I want to write about what color you can use if you want to paint for example your Living room, and what paint is the best for your living room. And of course, I want to write about how you can test all that colors and give to you some very specific and easy tips and tricks from my mother, how she doing that. Believe it or not, she loves to paint alone her room.

What color do you choose?

You can choose two types of paint: Oil Paint vs. Latex Paint

Oil paint was once the top (and only) choice for home painting projects. It goes on smooth thanks to its rich texture and dries to a hardness that is tough enough to be touched. 

Plan to wait up to 24 hours for each coat of paint you apply.

Latex paints are a better choice for living room paint. The water-based formula has little or no VOCs, dries more quickly, and can be cleaned up with soap and water. 

If you choose a good quality latex paint with right finish (more on that in a moment), you can expect to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.

Many latex paints today offer washable formulas that can stand up to be cleaned regularly. 

Latex paint is better, ‘course if you have little kids.

You know when using a paintbrush or pencil your wall ll get a new look. So with latex paint all that your kid’s write or paint on the wall you can wash. So I recommend latex paint for the living room, it’s better when you can wash your kid’s art hehe.

From these two paint which one is too easy to apply:

Oil-Based Paint

  • Easy to apply; self-levels
  • Resilient finish that resists stains
  • Rich color with a high sheen

Latex-Based Paint

  • Low or no VOC formulas readily available
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Fast dry time between coats

You don’t know how much paint do I need?

Here is some very great help for you my dear readers, just click and enjoy in this calculator


My mother easy and great tips for paint!

For example how my mother doing this little experiment:

  • First, she finds in-room some white and dark paper, or she buys one block I don’t know the right name for that but it looks like part of the wall. 
  • Second, she buys 5 to 10 different color tubes. From light to dark tones. 
  • Next, she used a paint brush or she takes an eye shadow brush because whit this tiny miny you can look on the dark paper how exactly look this color. Some little tips from my mum. Thank’s Mum you the best.
  • On the white paper or that block she paints all dark color’s or she mixes that dark color with just one drop white color.
  • Next, on the dark paper side, she tries all light color’s and she mix with one or my three drops water belive or not my mum is very expert.
  • Or all that color’s she test on the block just for all color’s she paint one or two line’s to see how it’s really look like on the wall.

That’s very free and very nice tips on how you can test colors to find what I’m best for your room. 

Remove Items From the Room

Any time you paint the walls of a room it’s important to remove as many items as possible. Simply pull items away from the walls and put everything in the center of the room.

Painting requires brushes, rollers, paint trays, cloths, ladders, and any number of other items depending on what and where you’re painting. Save yourself time and frustration by making a list of all the items you’ll need to get the job done and make sure they’re all together in one place before you start. 

Where you can paint in your room?

On this picture you can see where you can paint and how it’s look like in live vision. This picture, so much help to me. Because some of my rooms is too long and I don’t know how I can paint.

This is so great example where you can paint and how exactly look in rooms.

Make Repairs and Clean the Walls

Paint does not make surface imperfections disappear. Any mistakes visible before paint will be visible after painting. Keep priming these areas until the stain disappears.

After cleaning your walls, you can use a sticky tape just for painting. And roll over your edges and windows edges also you can use this tape if you want do some interesting art on the wall.

Some of examples before and after painting your living room!

Example for living room before and after paint

Before and after paint living room, great ideas from this web page. Bravoo.


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