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10 things you don’t need to do in your home

Hi, friends! How are you today? I am good, and I want to write about something very important I would say 10 important things. Yeah, that’s what I want to tell to you. So, today’s topic is: “10 things you don’t need to do in your home” Very great topic for this holiday month. Am I right? Sure I am!

Let’s talk about these 10 things

The first trick or tip it’s what you don’t need: Don’t hang short curtains on long windows. Please, this is so horribly! Remember this, you don’t need to do this in your home.

Never do this! It’s horribly, I know maybe some of you guys, love this. But, this is so awful, believe me. You are reading 10 things you don’t need to do.

#2 Never use one color in your home. What does that mean? Never use one color to paint a complete room. It looks so boring and not good for relaxation.
10 things you don’t need

#3 Don’t use a black color on your living or dining room walls. It’s not in trend anymore. The black color is only in trend if it is used on kitchen elements with a combination of high gloss. Then he looks glamorous. And not on the whole kitchen but only in some parts.

10 things you don’t need
This is ok, and I love this black and white color combination. The picture is from But please remember don’t use this completely.

#4 Don’t use black furniture. It can be partially in two colors black and some more. The most recommended black in combination with purple, pink. And also, with other colors.

Now is the time with tips on what is interesting about the room you stay in the most

I don’t know about you reading this now, but it’s easier for me to write to you about what it takes to use it in your room. No way, I can’t write about things you shouldn’t use. Simply in this period of 12 months as long as I am present here with you. It made me the happiest person in the world.

I am very glad when you contact me in the comment below the article… But also when you write an email and say how I helped you renovate your home, and that you are with my help.

And with the help of my advice saved a lot of money. Thank you for that, and I hope that next year I will surprise you too, with a very interesting gift that you deserve.

I have to tell you that during this period, I did a lot of projects, which I only dreamed of before. And all thanks to you, because you wrote me ideas and you were there. Where you shared on your social networks and gave maximum support. Thank you very much.

If you really want to learn more interesting tips and tricks for your home. Or if you want to read a very interesting story click here. Another tips and tricks you can find here on my page 🙂

10 things you don’t need
10 things you don’t need…

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