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10 Color Schemes for the best decoration in 2020

Good morning my dear friends, how are you today? This morning I will be writing about a very interesting idea. So today’s topic of the article is 10 Color Schemes for the best decoration in 2020. I know, it’s a very “long name” for the theme. But it is very interesting. Let’s get started.

Why is important to know more about color schemes?

10 Color Schemes
10 Color Schemes

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10 color schames
10 Color Schemes


It is time to resolve our doubts. Not Monochrome style, style, and design if your room is in two colors. No, not even mono because it is a word that means one thing. You see, in your living room, you can choose that your base color (60%) if you can remember what I was talking about be one color and that 30% of the other color be your details. And 10% is the third color that is almost invisible.

Also, on the next picture you can see amazing trick what you can do on your balcony. It’s very useful for some details and guess what, you can sit here.

10 color schames
10 Color Schemes for the best

Also, what you can get with this topic idea and which color you can combinate to look great:

  • Mocha, Yellow, and Chocolate Modern Living Room;
  • Bright Yellow Vintage Inspired Kitchen;
  • Neutral Living Room With Soft Warm Colors;
  • This Glam Living Room Radiates Shimmery Warmth;
  • Pops of Warm Orange in a Contemporary Living Room.

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